About us


Our strategic vision is to be the leading company in the textile recycling industry and promote economic development in the North and Central American regions, operating as an ecological company. We also strive to be an example of innovation, changing the way consumers buy wholesale, making it an easier process.


Our mission is to offer the best quality used clothing at a fair price so that our consumers' businesses prosper and support the development of their area. We have deep faith that by promoting second-hand clothing, we can be an active agent in reducing the amount of reusable clothing going to landfills and minimizing the consumption of fast fashion, an industry that plays an important role in the emission of greenhouse gases.

How do we help textile recycling?

Second-hand clothing is the best alternative to obtain fashionable and unique clothing at a low price. However, the best thing about buying second-hand clothes is that you help reduce the amount of reusable clothing that ends up in landfills and minimize the consumption of fast fashion, which plays an important role in the emission of greenhouse gases, those that contribute the most to climate change.

What are our clothes for?

Most of our customers buy from us to import products to their countries of origin (especially in Latin America), while others resell our products in their stores and websites. Another percentage of our customers kindly use them to make donations here in the area or to their countries.

What makes us different

We strive to innovate in a sector that has seen minimal change in recent years. Buying wholesale secondhand clothing is almost always a long, tedious process of back-and-forth emails and a lot of paperwork. We are convinced that buying second-hand clothes wholesale can be as easy as placing a retail order: add to basket, pay and that's it. Customers can easily view photos and reviews of our products online and have them delivered or picked up from our warehouse. As simple as that.